ACAT Testimonials


All Coast Auto Transport has some of the best customers in the auto transport industry. Without our valued customers we would not be where we are today. Our company knows that the best advertisemnt a business can have comes directly from customers and we wanted to share a few rods from some of our previous customers so you can see what they think about us and the way we conduct business.


ACAT Testimonial 1 “I never expected such fast service when it came time to ship my car from Boston to Anaheim when my boss asked me to move to open a new office in California. I made one phone call and the agent asked me a few questions and had the car scheduled in less than ten minutes. The price was great and my car arrived in Anaheim six days after I called to set it up. Thanks for the outstanding service times and I always tell people how great the service was!”-Michael Onks- Anaheim, CA


ACAT testimonial 3 “My wife and I bought a new  Cruiser Yacht on our 25th Anniversay this year and need to have it shipped from Florida to Texas so we could enjoy it. We really appreciate the way the shipment was handled from start to finish with such professionalism as well as speed. I’m happy to say that our new boat was shipped and delivered much quicker than we initially believed it would be and our customer service agent stayed in touch with us to keep up up to date during shipment. Excellent work from All Coast Auto Transport.”-Oscar Fields- Bacliff, TX


ACAT Testimonial 2 “Thanks to All Coast Auto Transport for getting my car delivered from Kansas City right to my dorm at University of Florida. They had it moved fast and the rates were really reasonable. By far the best auto transport company that I have ever hired to ship my car and I will most definitely be a repeat customer when I head back home during the next semester break!”-Chris Townsend-Gainesville, FL